Travelling from Malaga to Granada: find your way

No matter your preferred mode of transport, we have you covered! Here’s your comprehensive guide to reaching Granada from Malaga by bus, taxi, car, train or even, for the more adventurous, hitchhiking.

This guide is crafted to help you plan your trip, offering you the most reliable and convenient ways to navigate your path from Malaga to Granada. From understanding routes to knowing the best spots for a break, we’ve got you covered. So, buckle up and get ready to embark on an short and fun journey from coast side through the heart of Andalusia.

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From Malaga Airport to Granada

  1. Taxi: A Quick and Convenient Ride If speed and convenience are your priorities, hop into a taxi from Malaga to Granada. Typically, the cost ranges from €160 to €200, a price autonomously determined by each taxi driver. This could be an attractive option if you are a group of four or five travelers carrying heavy luggage.
  2. Car Rental: Embrace Flexibility and Freedom Renting a car at Malaga Airport presents an excellent option, particularly if you plan to stay in Granada for a day or three. The cost varies based on the type of vehicle you opt for. Notably, car rentals in Malaga tend to be more cost-effective than in Granada.
  3. Bus: Affordable and Reliable Transit Board an ALSA bus from Malaga Airport to Granada, an affordable and comfortable alternative. We recommend buying tickets online for your convenience. Buses run from Monday to Sunday at the following times: 10:45, 11:30, 16:00, and 20:45. These are the direct buses, but more combinations exist. Bus tickets typically cost around €12 each way.

From Malaga Bus Station to Granada

If you haven’t pre-booked your tickets and are in need of a seat, fret not, we have solutions:

  • By Bus: The bus stop is conveniently located on the arrivals side of Terminal 3. Opt for city buses (operating from 7 am to midnight) for a mere €3, or select from intercity buses and private shuttles. Once you reach Malaga Bus Station, visit the ALSA ticket office to secure your bus ticket to Granada.
  • By Suburban Train: Board the C1 line from the “Aeropuerto” underground station outside Terminal T3. A ticket costs between €1.80 and €2.60. Alight at the “Málaga María Zambrano” stop, which is situated right next to Malaga’s bus station.

From Malaga Train Station to Granada

Another fairly common way to travel from Malaga to Granada is by train. The María Zambrano train station has regular trains to Granada with a journey time of 60 to 120 minutes and with an approximate price of between 20 to 40 euros each way. You can book your tickets here.

Driving Privately from Malaga to Granada

Should you be embarking on a road trip – either in your own vehicle or by renting a car – from Malaga to Granada, follow these instructions for a smooth and swift journey. If you’re a fan of Google Maps, here’s the link for your reference.

  1. Start on the A-45 and follow signs towards “Granada”.
  2. After about 100 km, use the right two lanes to take Exit 114 towards A-92M, following signs for Granada. Be careful here, as a wrong turn could have you heading towards Cordoba.
  3. Merge onto the A-92 and remember to take Exit 230 towards Santa Fe/Granada. Misstep here and you’ll find yourself taking quite a detour!
  4. Once you’re on the A-44, it’s a straight shot. Enjoy Granada city!

Car-pooling from Malaga City Centre

For the carpooling enthusiasts, Blablacar – quite safe in Spain – offers a big amount of choices from Malaga to Granada. Regular pickup points include the main entrance of the María Zambrano train station and in front of the city’s bus station.

In conclusion, numerous convenient and budget-friendly options exist for your journey from Malaga to Granada. Whether you choose to travel by taxi, rented car, bus, train or even Blablacar, rest assured that each journey is part of the adventure. Happy travels!