A Sky Watcher’s Guide: 25 Best Spots to Witness Sunrises and Sunsets in Granada

This post is not only about the best sunsets and sunrises to see in the city of Granada. It also talks about my dreams.

When I grow up, I want to be a “sky watcher”. It seems to be taken from a children’s story or maybe from my most distant memories. Maybe I made a mistake in my profession or maybe I stopped dreaming. But the sky – celestial vault or firmament for the nostalgic – makes you dream. Night and day. Awake and asleep. Alone and in company.

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Although I do have to mention one of the atmospheric phenomena that most captivates me is the rainbow, the sunset and the sunrise. And of these last two in particular is what I want to tell you. Well, no. Even better: Guide you and take you to enjoy 25 magical corners to see a sunset and sunrise in Granada city. Although maybe it’s the eyes with which I look at her.
In the map that I show you, you have some of the most incredible places in the capital to enjoy as the child that we hope you will remain forever and ever. Of course there are many more but if you want to leave your friends, partner or family enraptured in the horizon of imagination, you must visit them and cross them off your list of “things to do in Granada“.

Of these 25 places, our favorites are:

  • Viewpoint of San Miguel Alto.
  • Viewpoint of San Cristóbal from the bell tower of the church, to which you can also contribute to its rehabilitation.
  • Carril de la Lona.
  • Verea de Enmedio.
  • Plaza del Aljibe, Alhambra (Free and public access).
  • Surrounding Silla del Moro “Castillo de Santa Elena”.
  • Ascent to the Alhambra / Cemetery “Perchel Alto” (in the curve where you can leave the cars).
  • Andalusia Memory Museum Top roof Restaurant. In its defect, Tico Medina’s Park. Or also walking into the Vega granadina passing under the highway.
  • Science Park tower. (it depends on the time of the year…).
  • Carrera del Darro (Paseo de los tristes) walking down to Plaza Nueva, in winter.

And you, where do you find your corner to enjoy these intrepid atmospheric phenomena in Granada? We invite you to participate and build with us a beautiful gallery made of bits of sky that make you fly. If you have a blog, leave us a comment with a link to your photographs; and if not, share it on twitter and facebook with a mention or private message to help us steal a little bit of sky to dream a little more about Granada.