Best flamenco shows in Granada

The cradle of flamenco is Granada; and also in Andalusia, Spain and the whole world. A land that has given international artists: Al cante you will find artists like Enrique Morente, Estrella Morente, Antonio Carmona, Manuel Ávila, Morenito de Íllora and more. On guitar, Emilio Maya, Juan and Pepe Habichuela, Juan Maya Marote, Miguel Ángel Cortés,… and on dance, Eva Yerbabuena, La Presy, Lidia Valle, Mario Maya, Manuel Liñán, Patricia Guerrero or Rafael Amargo. They are just the tip of the iceberg that crosses borders. Because flamenco artists, there are many more. To talk about flamenco in Granada is to talk about Sacromonte. The legendary neighbourhood full of gypsy soul and passion.

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Also known as “cante jondo” or “cante grande”, it is the most emblematic artistic expression of Andalusia and known throughout the world. It is not only singing, dancing and guitar. It is also percussion, wind, piano or flute.

If you’re visiting Granada, you can’t miss some of the following flamenco shows that will make you vibrate, give you goose bumps and experience up close the passion of flamenco in its purest essence.

Show flamenco La Alboreá

This show takes place every day in Granada capital at 20:45h in the Pan Street. It lasts 60 minutes and costs 16 euros for adults, 14 euros for people over 65 or students under 24 and free for children under 12. You can make your reservations through the following link and save 4 euros with In addition, you have the possibility of booking your VIP tickets, which will allow you to have a space reserved tasting first quality Iberian and local wine.

Zoraya’s Gardens Flamenco show

The flamenco tablao where it takes place is located in the Albaicín district, in an old carmen that is also a restaurant. Passing through Granada and opting for the Jardines de Zoraya will allow you to take with you an unforgettable memory of the city. Every week different and renowned local artists come on stage to make you live a moment full of passion and flamenco art. The address following the link, and you can buy your ticket online here to select the day and time that best suit your schedule. There are two passes – 20h and 22:30h – with the possibility of including dinner – 49 euros / 30€ from 8 to 16 years / 10€ under 8 years – or without dinner – 20 euros / under 8 years, free –

Le chien andalou’s flamenco cave

At the foot of the Darro River – Acera del Darro, 7 – on the way to the Paseo de los Tristes, you will find this flamenco tablao/cave with a very limited capacity but with a unique atmosphere. I have to say that there are almost hundreds of times I have attended flamenco shows, accompanied by a good beer such as a 1925 or even the Padul beer, my favorite, Mammooth beers. Attentive staff, good service and in addition, the prices are the lowest of all the flamenco shows that exist in the city. However, you will not be able to buy online but simply book by sending them an email lechienandalou.granada @ or by phone +34 717 709 100 / +34 617 106 623. They have 3 sessions of a maximum time of 40 minutes at 20h, 22h and 24 hours. Every day of the week. The price of tickets is 12 euros for the first 3/5 rows and 10 euros for the rest. I recommend arriving early or you will be one of the last or even without access.

Los Tarantos cave

There, on the border between the Albaicín and the Sacromonte, specifically in the Camino del Sacromonte nº 9, is the Cueva Los Tarantos (Los Tarantos Cave). In this unique space you can also enjoy a wonderful flamenco zambra that you can hire with dinner or just the show. They have two sessions available at 21h and 22:30h. If you would like more information or group bookings, please click on the following link. To book the flamenco show in the Cueva de los Tarantos, choose your date and number of people. You will not take more than 5 minutes to have booked where the flamenco, is served even at the table.