Granada Public Holidays

The diversity and richness of Spanish culture is reflected in the many festivities celebrated throughout the year.

The New Year begins with joy and hope on 1 January, followed by the commemoration of the Taking of Granada on 2 January, an event that is only celebrated in the capital and not in the province. January 6th marks the celebration of the Epiphany of the Lord, a long-awaited feast that lights up the hearts of believers. When 28 February arrives, Andalusia Day is celebrated, a tribute to this vibrant and historically rich region. Holy Week, which falls between March and April, is a time of reflection and devotion, with Maundy Thursday and Good Friday being days of particular importance. The solemnity continues with Corpus Christi, celebrated on the following Thursday. On 15 August the Assumption of the Virgin Mary is commemorated, a date of great importance for the faithful. The feast of El Pilar is celebrated on 12 October, followed by the Feast of All Saints on 1 November. The Immaculate Conception is celebrated on 8 December, and the year concludes with the joy of Christmas, celebrated on 25 December.

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Granada Bank Holidays

It is important to be aware of the holidays in Granada if you do not want to arrive in a city overcrowded with national and international tourists or find hotels and means of transport fully booked.

Below, this simple list with Granada public holidays dates that you can check before visiting the city:

  • January 1st, New Year’s Day. [National]
  • January 2nd, Seizure of Granada (only in the capital, not province) [Local]
  • 6th January, Epiphany of the Lord. [National]
  • 28 February, Day of Andalusia. [All Andalusia]
  • Maundy Thursday, Holy week, between March or April. [Mostly National]
  • Good Friday, Holy week, between March or April. [Mostily National]
  • 1 May, Labour Day. [National]
  • May 3rd, Day of the Cross – Día de la Cruz – or May crosses Festival – Cruces de Mayo –. Only in the capital [Local]
  • Thursday Corpus Christi, can occur between late May and late June. [Local]
  • 15th August / Assumption of the Virgin Mary. [National]
  • 12th October / Festivity of El Pilar. [National]
  • November 1st / Feast of All Saints’ Day. [National]
  • 6th December, Spanish Constitution Day. [National]
  • 8th December / Feast of the Immaculate Conception. [National]
  • 25th December / Christmas. [National]

In addition, each municipality in the province of Granada usually has its own big public holiday. The most popular patron saint festivals usually take place during the spring and summer, which is, curiously enough, when the weather tends to be the best in the province.