Top 7 free tours in Granada

What better way to get to know Granada than by taking a guided tour with a tour guide? We are going to reveal to you which are the best companies of guided tours that offer the best services in Granada. Both will allow you to know stories, legends and the most emblematic corners of the Granada of yesterday to enjoy the city of today. And the most important thing: All the guided tours in Granada will be FREE! Continue reading and pay close attention.

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Free guided tours in Granada

Get to know Granada with Civitatis

One company that has joined the free guided tours in the capital has been Civitatis. And it has been stepping up with interesting and quality guided tours. It is a company considered to be the leading professional in guided tours worldwide. , try them out and tell us about it. Okay? Because your opinion is important for us to change our ranking.

Feel The City Tours

Apart from Granada, they have guided tours in other cities in Spain, such as Seville and Madrid. In addition, they are characterized by offering “tailor-made trips” for groups that they call private – paying -. Thus, they offer you an integrated solution with a single interlocutor to manage accommodation reservations in Granada, tickets for shows and concerts, restaurant reservations in Granada, tours in nearby cities and provinces, translation services and much more. According to Tripadvisor and based on more than 4,000 opinions, they have a rating of 5 points out of 5.

What more could you ask for? Well, a Free Tour in Granada. With daily departures at 10:30am each day and a duration of 2 and a half hours, perfect for if you are a tourist or traveller to Granada and have little time or budget, you can get a very good – although brief – impression of the most magical city in Spain.

Book your free entry here:

In addition, they have other tourist services with a fairly affordable price, such as visiting the Albaicín and Sacromonte in a double guided tour for 12 euros or the special tour of the Albaicín at night. with a price of 6 euros.

Followme Granada

With a rating of 5 out of 5 on Tripadvisor, based on almost 600 real opinions, Followme Granada with an office on the same Sidewalk as the Darro – on the way to the Paseo de los Tristes – is also one of our favourite Top 6 companies offering free guided tours in Granada. They also have special services – paid – to the Alpujarra and Sierra Nevada, Segway rides, visits to the Albayzin and Sacromonte with flamenco shows included. They also offer day trips to cities very close to Granada such as Güejar Sierra – 30 minutes away approximately – and other cities outside the province: such as Córdoba, Ronda, Málaga, Seville, Ubeda, Baeza.

Follow me Granada have 2 free visits to the city: Granada Center and historical and Albayzin, old Arabic quarter.

For the first visit, the meeting point is at the Fuente de Colon in Plaza de Isabel la Católica, every day of the week at 9:30 am. To visit the Albaicín, the meeting point will be in the Santa Ana Church, next to Plaza Nueva, every day of the week at 6:30 pm. Don’t forget to look for the “white umbrella” (:

You can make reservations with Followme Granada here:

Caminando Granada

With Caminando Granada, you will also learn about epic stories, notorious and infamous characters, legends and realities of ancient and modern Granada. You will discover the rich heritage of Granada, far beyond what our most emblematic monument represents: The Alhambra. They will also provide you with interesting information such as what other places to visit, opening hours of monuments and some advice on the tapas bars. Perfect for squeezing out Granada from the moment you arrive.

Your free guided tour of the city leaves every day from the Plaza del Carmen – where the Town Hall is located – at 10:00am and lasts 2 and a half hours. Please note that the free tour departure is guaranteed with a minimum of 5 people. This means that it could be postponed or cancelled if this requirement is not met. To ensure that it is a success, if you are travelling alone, you can always book an event for a date on pages like Meetup or Couchsurfing. More curious travelers are sure to sign up (:

You can make reservations with Caminado Granada, here:

City tour Granada, free walking tour.

Citytour Granada is the official company in charge of managing the only Hop on Hop off Tourist Train in Granada. And they also have at your disposal a free walking tour to know, with one of their guides, the lower Albayzín and the historical centre of Granada, where Christian and Muslim culture merge.

The duration of the City Tour is approximately two hours. And this visit also works with the system of voluntary economic gratification, as a form of gratitude. The languages available are Spanish and English. Don’t forget to bring your camera and comfortable shoes (:

The departure points for the free guided tour are as follows:

Stop number 3: Plaza Nueva / Granada City Tour Office.
Stop number 9: Cathedral / Plaza de la Romanilla.
Stop number 10: Alhóndiga / Pick-up

The schedules are 10:00h, 12:00h and 18:00h and the itinerary, you have it below:

City Tour Granada
City Tour Granada

To make a reservation you have to write a Whatsapp at the phone number (+34) 616 35 34 61 or write an email to

Free tour Granada is one of the so-called “aggregators” of free tours at the international level. That is, it collects free guided tours from agencies and tourist service companies around the world. And of course, Granada could not be missed. Maybe you will be lucky to find a guided tour that differs from the ones mentioned above; or meet them again. Although the most interesting thing is that it is an alternative to find other possible options and get to know Granada in a different way.

You can visit it here: Granada

With you will discover places such as the viewpoints with the best views of the Alhambra, old gardens, Moorish and Mudejar houses, the Madraza Palace or even the Great Mosque of Granada. And of course, many more places.

It is very important that you can only join the tour if you book it online, as the groups of free guided tours have a reduced quota to improve the quality of the tour. They have daily departures at 10:00h and the meeting point will be indicated on the booking form. The groups in English and Spanish, go separately.

You can make your reservation here:

How can a guided tour be free and quality?

Well, it’s very easy. Because you set the price. The guides on the guided tours usually work exclusively on the basis of the tips of the tour participants. Therefore, at the end of the guided tour, you will be the one who sets the price for the service. It is an exceptional way to democratize culture based on the budget available to each one.

By the way, personal opinion: Don’t be stingy and usurious and give from the heart. Remember that behind a good visit, there is a good job to be valued. And of course, leave an opinion which is the only way to value the work of these companies for the next visitors.

This type of guided tours is a trend in all major cities around the world. And of course in Granada, it could not be less. The guides tend to be true professionals who normally have experience in this sector and have chosen this unique format. They are people with degrees or diplomas in Tourism, History, History of Art, Fine Arts, Geography and History. They are also usually quite friendly and have great communication skills both in their mother tongue and in at least two other languages. Above all, they are true lovers of their city’s culture. Being free does not mean that they will offer a worse service. Far from it.

Moreover, these companies also offer other types of tourist services that complete their free tourist packages in the city of Granada. Or perhaps, once you are satisfied with having tasted the best corners of Granada, you would like to have a private service to visit the Alhambra. Or for example, they also offer guided tours for large groups, as free groups are usually limited by the number of people attending.

Tailor-made tours in Granada and private groups

In this case, you can already imagine that it will not be free. In we have an endless number of activities to offer you in this case: Guided tours in Granada with private groups and tailor-made tours.