A guide to Granada made by locals

Granadaweb.uk is your perfect tourist guide to Granada Spain. Made with love by Granada locals for those visitor and tourist people who want to feel like a granadian.

Because you know that Granada is Culture and you need a place to bring together the best that happens in this beautiful city, we have created this space for you. Find the best information about cultural and leisure activities to do in the city and in other towns and regions of the province.

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Concerts, festivals, exhibitions, popular festivals, congresses, activities with children and family, information of interest if you come to visit and much more await you beyond this first page.

Were you looking for plans in Granada? Welcome to the new website! If you are planning your trip to Granada, for how many days are you travelling? Click here if you would like us to help you. Do you intend to come to Granada at any time of the year? Every moment has its own plans. Here we can give you a hand. Do you come to visit the fairs and festivals of Granada and province? Then maybe you should go to the popular festivities section.

Do you want to know more about the project and who is behind the tourist guide of Granada es Cultura? Come in and get to know us.

First time in Granada, Spain? Read below!

Are you ready to get to know one of the most beautiful cities in Spain? If you travel to Granada, we will be the closest thing to a complete city manual for you to learn all you need to know before setting foot in the capital. Let’s start from the beginning and get off on the right foot.

How to get to Granada, Spain?

We give you our best practical tips for getting to Granada. Whether you’re travelling by car or motorcycle, carpooling, on foot, hitchhiking, by train or even by plane. Whichever way you travel, get our tips for landing in Granada. Want to know more? We’ll explain it to you in this transportation guide.

Are arriving to Malaga? Here you have all alternatives for travelling from Malaga to Granada.

What to do in Granada?

If you are planning to visit Granada for one day, two or more days, you may have to stick to the most touristy – yet beautiful – aspect of the city or other locality you come to. However, if you are going to be there for at least a week, you have a lot of places and things to do in Granada. That’s why you can’t miss our Leisure and Culture Calendar. Take a look at it and you’ll see everything it has in store for you: concerts, theatre, cinema, museums, exhibitions, family activities, flamenco shows, guided tours, gastronomic events, traditional festivals and much more.

Tapas bars. Where to eat?

As the saying goes, “eating and scratching is all about starting” (Comer y rascar, todo es empezar). And in Granada, speaking of eating well, you have a lot to scratch (: Restaurants for all tastes and with as many forks as you want. And don’t forget that Granada is the international capital of tapas. In any other place they will be pintxos, piscolabis, aperitifs,… but here they are real TAPAS and in capital letters. 3 beers and you are eaten. Of course, to get to the best, it will not be so easy to guide you by the map of the famous search engine. That’s why we’re here. To tell you well. Follow the link.

Where to stay?

Aha! The question of the million and where all the visitors of the city do not want to miss: Where to stay in Granada city or any other place of the Province? Granada is a city that is visited on foot and rest after a long day of walking is more than important. In addition, we understand the particular needs of every tourist who drops by. Therefore, we have recommended hostels for backpackers and also for those who want to rest in Granada as an authentic caliph: the most luxurious hotel accommodations in Granada.

What to see/visit in Granada?

Because to visit Granada is not only to know the capital although it is the most representative – and tourist – of the hand of granadaweb.uk we will show you the monuments and places of interest from Granada city like squares, streets, statues and other places that are pretty interesting to see or visit. And not only that, but we will also give you the keys to know when to visit them. Tourism for all pockets, alternative tourism and of course, for the most demanding.

What to do in Granada province?

As I told you at the beginning, Granada city has its charm and that of all the others. But Granada is much more. Granada is Sierra Nevada. It is the Alpujarra. It is the Costa Tropical. It is the Altiplano and the Poniente Granadino. If you want and have time to lose yourself in the wonderful corners of the province, soon we will have a great guide prepared for you.

What to do in Granada, Spain.