Free things to do in Granada (or for less than 6 euro)

What to do in Granada for free or for less than six euros. Do you think is not possible? come on and check it out!

Who is this guide of “things to do for free in Granada” for?

  • If you come to Granada on holiday for at least five days or a week, this guide is for you.
  • You study with an Erasmus or Seneca scholarship, this information is also of interest to you.
  • If you are an expat of life and Graná you like quantity.
  • If you are a Granaíno/a by adoption, we also want you here.
  • Are you learning Spanish? If you come from another country and land in “low cost” mode, we are waiting 4 u too!
  • If you are a globe-trotter who ended up in Granada connected to a Plaza Nueva wifi, we are also waiting for you.

All these people and many more, we want to see around here. Because we love sharing Granada with you. Now, let’s go for those 30 activities.

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Free monuments in Granada or for less than 6 euros

Visit the Alhambra for free

We’re starting strong, aren’t we? To be able to make this planazo in Granada, you need to meet a series of requirements and steps. So we’d better tell you about it here in more detail.

Group of Hispanic Muslim Monuments of Granada capital

The combined ticket to visit the Andalusian Monuments allows morning or afternoon access for the selected day to the following monuments: Casa Morisca Horno de oro, Casa del Chapiz, Palacio de Dar al-Horra and al Bañuelo for a price of 5€ + management costs. You can buy it here. But on sundays you can visit for free.

Unfortunately, it used to be much easier. Before, a series of monuments whose visit was free all days, were included within the Special Entrance of the Alhambra called “Dobla de Oro”. Another chance is to visit directly the monument and buy physical tickets there: you can do for one monument or pay for all 5 monuments just 5 euros as i wrote above

Cinema in Granada centre for less than 6 euros

What’s the matter, you don’t believe it? Well, that’s because you’re not from here. Follow the link below and discover the film agenda where we tell you about the cycles and film festivals of Granada as well as other spaces that offer jewelry and current films completely free or for less than 5 €. Unfortunately it’s not subtitles movies but is a great chance to improve your spoken spanish 😉

Free exhibitions in Granada

Whether temporary or permanent, exhibitions and exhibitions are a source of knowledge and wisdom through our senses. And if they are free, so much the better. There are a number of spaces in Granada city where you can enjoy exhibitions and they are generally free.

Puerta Real Exhibition Centre

Open all year round, it hosts exhibitions of all kinds. We have seen exhibitions on the occasion of the anniversary of the Science Park, papiroflexia, photography, painting and a long etcetera. Free, of course. You can find it a little below the Isabel La Católica Theatre.

Museum of the memory of Andalusia in the Centro Cultural CajaGRANADA

The CajaGranada Foundation has a permanent exhibition that brings together works from the 16th to the 21st century; they will allow you to explore different currents and artistic manifestations. In addition, it also usually hosts travelling exhibitions. It also has a very special attraction for children: guided tours for children and school groups. And during the summer months, cycles of concerts and cinema in the plaza de las cultura at a price of zero euricos. Follow the link for more information.

Caja Rural Granada Foundation or Caja Rural Auditorium (Central Services) in Granada

At the headquarters of the Caja Rural de Granada Foundation, which is near the Science Park, you can also come and enjoy a variety of exhibitions.

Palace of the Counts of Gabia

In the center of Granada, is this noble palace of the early nineteenth century. Located in the district of San Matías, within an urban area rich in history and architecture, usually houses multi-displinary exhibitions that can be visited free of charge. More updated information here.
Jose Guerrero Foundation

The Jose Guerrero Centre

Created to culturally enrich the province of Granada, in a small but dense space in the historic heart of the capital city of Granada, makes visible the artistic sensibility of the people of Granada from the Arab domination to the present day world. The visit is free of charge. More information here.

Corrala of Santiago

The Corrala de Santiago was rescued in a complex restoration process carried out by the Junta de Andalucía and subsequently ceded to the University of Granada in 1991, the date since which it has functioned as a guest residence of this institution.

Science Park of Granada

One of the most visited spaces dedicated to science and nature in Europe. With permanent and temporary exhibitions, a planetarium, a panoramic tower to enjoy breathtaking views of the city, a butterfly farm and the most recent addition, the Biodome. You can find more information and buy tickets here.

Going out for tapas

1 third (Tercio) or tube (Tubo) of the most granaíno refrigerant that exists with cover included: 2 euros, more or less. It depends on the area and the bar. Important: Granada es Cultura is not responsible if you order a beer in Plaza Nueva and you do not get a tapa. Logically, you have to know why you have to go out for tapas in Granada 😉

Free tours at the historic centre and neighbourhoods of Albacín and Sacromonte.

Did you know that you can visit Granada accompanied by professional guides? Now you know. The history of Granada told by experts and without spending a cent of euro. If you want to take free guided tours of Granada, here are 4 different companies for you to choose the one you like best. Because free is not synonymous with bad quality. In addition, you can always leave a tip, which is very much appreciated based on your satisfaction.

Healthy walks and routes

What are some nice places to walk around Granada to have a nice time in the best company? Well, an ideal plan whether you come from abroad or from here. Some suggestions: Federico García Lorca Park, Tico Medina Park, The Alhambra Woods, … The Realejo neighbourhood and get lost among some of the street art works of the child of the paintings, the Albayzín neighbourhood or follow the Sacromonte path until you reach the Abbey that takes its name from this popular neighbourhood of Granada. However, don’t forget to wear comfortable footwear because on many occasions you will find the classic Granada cobblestone that can dislocate one ankle or another.

It’s one thing to go for a walk and another very different thing, to put on some sports shoes and go out in search of healthy routes in the city of Granada. We suggest, for example, going to the Fuente de la Bicha, El Camino del Avellano or going up to the Llano de la Perdiz.
Monuments, museums, churches and places that you can visit for free or very cheap in Granada.

Not another thing, but palaces, churches, museums and monuments abound everywhere. But better than describing them here, have a look at our top list of monuments and places in Granada. We will gradually expand it.

Concerts in Granada

We don’t want to blister or create controversy. But we do. Even today, there are artists and bands that give free concerts. Especially if they want to make themselves known. And where can we see this kind of emerging bands? Well, here you have a series of options to enjoy the best music in Granada:

It’s possible if you’re open to new sounds and especially to new or even consolidated bands or singer-songwriters: Concert in the café La tertulia or emerging bands, in the Sala Planta Baja.

Do you like the rock of all times? Do you want to have a fun time to the rhythm of versions of classic rock? Then you have to see Grupo Apache. Every Wednesday at Mae West Disco at 11pm, free for you and your friends. Long live rock!

Language exchange and couchsurfing in Granada

You know couchsurfing? What better way to get to know Granada than with the help of a local. To understand Couchsurfing, you must feel identified with this community. If you register, there are groups organized by each city. In our case, in Granada, there is a group of weekly meetings and language exchanges that meet every Wednesday in a different bar and exchange more than just languages.

Micro Theater in Granada

Don’t tell me you don’t know what the micro-theater is? I think it is one of the most curious and attractive formats to enjoy a play and also, on stage! spectator and passive protagonist of a short story with a very limited number of attendees. And for less than 5eur! You will find it in Marqués de Falcés street, nº 2. Just in front, there is the Fede bar where you can buy the tickets while you wait for the next micro-theatre session tasting a good wine and some tapas ?. Important: only in spanish, no english shows.

Go out to draw or paint outdoors:

If painting, drawing or watercolours are your thing, you’re in luck. You can always join the street exits to immortalize in your notebook or canvas some of the most beautiful corners of the city. You can go on your own or join the group of Watercolourists of Granada or Urban Sketcher.

Visit the Tropical Coast

That sounds very touristy but in truth, here we almost always talk about “going down to the beach”. One of the advantages of Granada is to have the beach 30-40 minutes (Salobreña) by car. By bus it can take a little longer, but you know, in Granada we also use blablacar, if you are a brave as my mother would say ? Well, here we leave you with a selection of very special beaches because they are not the typical tourist massif where you could prick an umbrella in the navel by mistake …

Carmen de la Victoria

Perhaps one of the most hidden corners of Granada but increasingly visited because the word spreads like gunpowder. So if you want to enjoy this wonderful Carmen from the University of Granada, stop by Cuesta del Chapiz, nº9. When you see a long white wall and a black forged door, don’t hesitate to ring the doorbell. You will be opened without problems. And I won’t tell you more than then, lose the magic. Recommendation: If you come to Granada during the week, it is best to visit it during working hours. Possibly, you are alone and it will be even more bucolic.

Sacromonte Cave Museum

This museum located in the heart of Sacromonte and with a spectacular view of the Alhambra, is dedicated to the culture, nature and history of this neighborhood and its ethno-geographical peculiarities. Through various caves, you will be able to find out how the inhabitants lived and the trades they performed: weaving, forging, basketry and ceramics. In addition, of course, to have complete and detailed information about the history of flamenco. Tickets cost 5 euros. Check timetables and buy them here.

Popular festivals

In Granada you will discover two local festivals that you will love and will surely make you come back again:

Festival of the Crosses

The joy of celebrating spring in Granada. The most popular festival among young people in Spain. A party that “is not what it was” according to who you ask. The days of festivities that follow the day of work. Eat beans and salaillas, dance sevillanas and enjoy the good weather. The party that every tourist catches by surprise and is left without accommodation in the capital. That is the Fiesta de las Cruces in May.

Corpus Fair

And soon after, the Graná Fair arrives. The Corpus Christi procession and the Tarasca. The booths, the attractions, the heat, the powder magazine of the fairground and the bullring to burst. Special buses that come and go from the center of Granada and lots, but lots of partying.

Free dance classes in Granada

Learning salsa or bachata in Granada for zero euros is as easy as going through some of the following pubs and discos in Granada. Here are some of the places where you can give your body Latin joy:

Latin rhythm classes in the Boom Boom Room, Bachata classes in the Disco Backstage, Disco Forum Plaza, Mae West, D’cuadros plaza, Pub Babel, Merengue, Café-pub Mezquita, Magic Granada.

The best places to see the sunrise and sunset in Granada

Friends who have visited the city always tell us the same thing: the sunsets in Granada, like almost nowhere else on the planet. Because it is not only the place from where you observe it, but also the atmosphere of the city, with whom you surround yourself and how you live it. Here you have a link to 25 magical places to enjoy these wonderful moments of nature.

Walk through the graffiti of “El niño de las pinturas”

One of our most international contemporary artists. In his day, multitude of Graffiti flooded the city. There are still a lot of them. Mixing poetry and painting, the boy in the paintings leaves his mark on the walls of Granada when given a chance. Check him art walking around Realejo District.